Chainsaw on felled tree, with cut logs for sale behind

Logs and Woodchip

Seasoned firewood for sale - prices available upon request.

Woodchip is a versatile product that has multiple applications:

  • Garden mulch
  • Weed suppressant
  • Soil amiliorant
  • Moisture retainer
  • Animal bedding material
  • Surface material (for use on paths, menages etc)
  • Biomass fuel

Depending on the specific intended application, woodchip can be delivered fresh, or composted. If you are having tree work carried out, it may be possible to leave the wood chips for your convenience.

Please contact us for more information.

Trees being cut into logs for sale
Logs for sale being transported for site clearance
Domestic arboreal services in countryside with seasoned firewood for sale
Large tree felling with chainsaw, and technical dismantles
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