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Domestic Services

Greenery makes a garden, and we are committed to keeping your domestic properties safe, beautiful and well-maintained.

Carrying out every aspect of arboreal work in West Somerset, we have one eight years of experience maintaining and managing client work of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you have a single tree standing sentry over your property, or a mature garden with trees, shrubs, hedges and removal needs, we are here to help. Our solution is tailored to you, and we will leave your property uncluttered and tidy, no matter the job.

After all, trees can live for a long time and will continue to grow, so long-term care is critical to a healthy, safe and stunning garden.

Tree Felling

Sometimes a tree needs to be completely removed, from root to crown. This can be done in several ways depending on the environment and situation, from felling to dismantling in sections. Preparation is key to tree felling. We will plan the felling from start to finish, ensuring the right tools are used and the tree is felled safely and efficiently.

Technical Dismantles

When a tree needs to be felled, the automatic assumption is that it'll be chopped down in one dramatic swing with an axe. “Dismantling” a tree is more common, and normally much safer than felling.

An ideal technique for dead, dangerous trees, or trees in urban and enclosed areas, dismantling a tree involves removing limbs and small sections of the tree in stages, carefully removing pieces and safely lowering them to the ground for removal.

This technique often requires elevated work platforms, pulleys, ropes and other tools to complete it efficiently and securely.

Tree Pruning (Reductions, Thinning, Pollarding, Deadwooding)

Tree pruning is a specialist job - a deliberate, thoroughly planned and low impact procedure that achieves a number of things – removing diseased wood and branches, shaving off limbs for better light, lines of sight or aesthetic, and controlling the density of tree growth. Proper tree pruning encourages beneficial re-growth, and so the tree’s overall health and size will be taken into account to calculate what can be safely pruned.

Pruning is, of course, highly recommended for fruit trees to maximise healthy fruit production.

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Emergency Callouts

Inclement weather and bad luck doesn’t keep a schedule. We offer an emergency call-out service throughout West Somerset for damaged and windswept trees and general arboreal storm damage. While we will endeavour to get to you as soon as we can, please factor in travel times.

If a tree is giving you cause for concern after a storm, contact us straightaway for a tree survey.

Hedge Trimming and Reductions

Hedges can get forgotten next to trees, but they require upkeep and specialist expertise to keep them tidy, healthy and appealing too. Whether a hedge has grown unruly and needs tidying, or needs full-scale re-shaping, we’ll work with you to establish what you want for your hedge and ensure the project is completed to the highest standard, whether it's for practical or aesthetic purposes - or both.

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Scrub/Garden Clearance

An overgrown, cluttered garden can seem like an insurmountable task to clear. Whether it's debris, scrub, tree segments, leaves, twigs, lawn clippings and general rubbish - we're here to help. We will remove unwanted scrub and debris, sweep and rake to leave the space clear and tidy, and dispose of the materials responsibly off-site.


Expertise and experience is vital in successful planting - after all, trees planted now will likely still be there decades from now, so choosing the right plants for the location, conditions, soil type and usage will make all the difference in how long they last and how well they do. We will take into account what already exists in the space and work with you to select the right materials, and establish long term management plans as needed, whether it's a single sapling or a larger woodland area.

Tree Pruning 


By removing specific branches and limbs, the tree’s total size can be reduced for aesthetic or weight purposes.


Thinning involves removing specific branches to “thin” the tree down to appear less cumbersome without dramatically altering the tree as a whole.


Commonly used to maintain willows, this method involves removing all upper branches down to the trunk to reinvigorate the tree and control re-growth shape and direction.


This is the removal of dead, dying, diseased or broken elements of a tree.

Hedge Trimming and Reductions

Annual Tidy Ups

Annual tidy up’s are essential to the health and state of a good hedge. Whether it’s a bushy deciduous hedge needing careful pruning to avoid browning, a sprightly coniferous that needs a couple of trims a year to keep in check, or an evergreen upright box hedge, different types of maintenance at different times of year are required - no two hedges are the same.

Get in touch with us to get your hedges assessed and tidy up’s scheduled to keep them looking their best.


A hedge left to its own devices can get unruly quickly, eating up the space around them and encroaching on roads, gardens, commercial properties and even blocking out sunlight. In these situations, reductions are required to restore the hedge to its former glory. We can either handle the waste materials generated in reductions by either taking them offsite or shredding for on-site processing.

Formative Trimming

When hedges are young, “formative trimming” is required to help them grow in the direction and shape you wish. This should be done for the first couple of years of a hedge’s life – thereafter, annual tidy-up’s should be carried out to keep the hedge in the best condition, even as it grows.

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